Girls Varsity Soccer · The Williams Sisters

Venus and Serena, “The Williams Sisters”, are arguably the most famous pair of sports sisters of all time. They have won a combined 29 grand slam singles and 14 grand slam doubles titles.

Madison and Morgan, “The Chargers Williams Sisters”, are making a name for themselves in soccer circles around the State. Madison is a Junior Forward for Southaven while Morgan is a Freshman Midfielder.


Venus and Serena started playing tennis at a young age when their father Richard introduced them to the game. Levi Williams did the same for his daughters. Morgan and Madison both said after they started kicking things around the house that Levi signed them up to play soccer. They fell in love with the game quickly and have been playing ever since. This year marks the first time they were able to play on the Southaven High School team together.

If you attend a Charger soccer game you can easily find Levi. He will be the parent holding a tall pole with a camera attached to the top of it. “Yeah he films every game and we have film sessions at home” the older Madison said. She added, “Oh yeah he gets that remote and starts going in on us. He goes over each play over and over.” Morgan added, “He always is pointing out when I should have made this run or that run.” The fatherly film sessions have become routine now around the Williams house. Mom has even joined in. She sits back and tells us good job the girls said. She is more of the Cheerleader while dad takes care of most of the talking during film time in the living room.

The Williams sisters have developed a great chemistry on the field. They have the sisterly connection that you can’t describe. They know when each other should take the ball and how to communicate it with each other just by looking at one another. Coach Young has picked up on their ability to play with each other, “Oh for sure they feed off each other. It is fun coaching kids like that. It makes my job a lot easier. They are very talented.” However they have very different personalities. Madison described her sister as a surprise every day, “She just is so full of energy. You never know what you will get.” Madison on the other hand is more laid back but very competitive. Playing with her sister has even made her more competitive, “I can’t let her be better than me. She pushes me and makes me more competitive to out do her. She is really good.”

Madison has collected 6 goals and 2 assist this season for the Chargers while Morgan has 3 goals and 4 assist. The younger sister is a big fan of her elder sister Madison, “I just want her to score as many as she can. I get way more excited when she scores.” The most exciting play came when one of her four assists on the year was to her sister Madison. Morgan couldn’t help but smile big when talking about the play, “That was my favorite play. I had been telling my mom that I was going to get her a goal and it happened against Lafayette. I was so excited to when she made it.” That moment was the culmination of years of playing together and a lot of practice with Dad! Morgan was most excited when that goal went in but mom was close behind. “I just started jumping and yelling” said Morgan, “I don’t remember much after that.” It was a special goal for 2 special sisters and 2 special parents!

Both girls are trying to enjoy each moment they have together because they understand that it won’t last forever. Morgan dreads the point in 2 years when her Junior sister will not be around, “I know we only have this year and next. I think about it all the time. I just want to help Madison be as good as she can and score as many goals as possible while we get to play together.” Madison stated she tries not to think about that far out and just enjoys each day she gets to play with her sister.

The Chargers are looking to defend their district championship from last season. If they are to repeat it will depend a lot on the Chargers Williams Sisters! They have a long way to go to reach Venus and Serna status but Morgan sure likes to dream, “Yeah we are going to be the just like them. We are the new Williams Sisters!