Chargers News · State Farm Scholar Athletes – September

The Ryan England-State Farm Female Scholar Athlete for September is Caroline Ponder. Caroline is a senior member of the SHS Volleyball and Soccer teams. She has a 4.39 weighted-GPA and is currently ranked number 11 in her graduating class of 388. Caroline has also scored as high as a 25 on the ACT. Coach Jordan said of Caroline, “Caroline is a multi-sport athlete and a very hard worker in the classroom. She is an ambassador for SHS and she does an outstanding job meeting that standard that is required. She is one of our leaders on the floor. She has often been referred to as “Mama Caroline” because she will make sure that everything is where it should be and the scoreboard is always correct.”

The Ryan England-State Farm Male Scholar Athlete for September is Daniel Underwood. Daniel is a senior member of the cross-country team. He has a 4.14-weighted GPA, currently ranked number 44 in his graduating class of 388, and has earned a 23 on his ACT. Coach Dudley said of Daniel, “Daniel is an extremely hard worker and someone who has improved night and day from last year just because of pure old fashion hard work every day and not slacking or taking days off.  Daniel brings a great attitude everyday and someone we know we can depend on this year to do great things for his team!”